Natural Beauty Abounds

People usually ask us what kind of animals we encounter. Since the woods are so vast around us, it isn't as wild as you might think, although bears and moose might be possible - but not probable. We see deer, we have a neighborhood fox family that we have observed leaping into the air to grab a bird (pretty amazing nature moment); what i call Adirondack Woodchucks, which are much bigger than I've seen before; chipmunks; occasional squirrels, frogs and newts (orange salamanders).  Down by the lake, you will see beavers. 

We've had several good years for butterflies (see our video on Facebook). Flocks of little birds come in and out each day, along with a family of red headed woodpeckers - amazing to watch. Turkeys and birds of prey such as eagles are often seen.  

The foliage around you is amazing and nothing is better than autumn in the 'Dacks, although it starts earlier there. Wild flowers and domestic ones have mixed together over the years. The yard has Hosta growing everywhere; along with a few rose bushes and a large collection of spring daffodils, tulips, and then tiger lilies in the summer. 

The lake is a fishing destination, with pike, pikeral, trout, muskies, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, pan fish of all types, and bullheads. You'll see turtles, ducks, geese, egrets, bald eagles, canadian owls, and several loon families that we love to listen to at night.